Welcome to Penitentials.com

This site was created in October 2012 to advertise a gathering at the University College Dublin of scholars who are interested in penance, penitential texts and pastoral care in early medieval Ireland. It was a full day of seminars which promoted very lively discussions and interaction of scholars interested in these topics, see programme. It was very well attended and the audience posed very interesting questions and comments. Since that event we have been organising other scholarly gatherings, see our events. In October 2014, two years after the symposium took place and this site launched,  a postdoctoral project was initiated as a response to these fruitful discussions and collaborative work.

This site purpose now is to serve as a space for information about medieval penitential tradition, the institution of penance, and pastoral care in the middle ages as well as other broader related subjects such as history of christianity, processes of conversion, monasticism, ecclesiastical literature and the middle ages in a broader sense.

Here you will find information about relevant academic events, interesting webpages and detailed information about penitential texts.



Dr Elaine Pereira Farrell 

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