Symposium of Irish Studies in Latin America

I wish, first of all, to congratulate the organisers and participants of the 9th Symposium of Irish Studies in Latin America (25-27 August 2014) for what seems to have been a great success. Speakers from Ireland, several different states of Brazil, Argentina and United States engaged in 6 lectures, 10 different panels, and 3 round-tables.


Secondly, I am glad to announce that the next meeting of the Society for Irish Latin American Studies will take place at the University College Cork (UCC), organised jointly by the departments of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies & Geography. The theme is: “Entangled Histories and Cultures: Re-mapping diasporas and migrations between Ireland and Latin America”. It will take place on the 25-27 June 2015. Call for papers is now open and topics might include but are not limited to:

  • Private histories/public histories
  • Colonialism/anti-colonialism
  • Labour, gender and racialisation
  • Slavery, anti-slavery
  • Freedom, human rights, indigenous rights
  • Sexualities, race and mestizaje
  • Migration, diaspora, exile
  • Languages, literacies, discourse
  • Exile: political, social, linguistic
  • Peregrinations, wanderings, religious/official journeys
  • Lands, landings, placing and mapping
  • Sea voyages, Safe Harbours, Perilous Passages/Safe Passages, Perilous Harbours
  • Documents, passports, carnets de voyages and de passages/ travelogues/travel narratives
  • Alternative epistemologies
  • Difficulties of entanglement
  • Ekphrasis: Imagi(ni)ng journeys, fictional migrations, (dis-) appearing acts
  • Visual culture, music, dance
  • Literature, journalism
  • Missionaries, government aid, trade
  • Transnational digital communities
  • Neo-liberalism, environmental, development, and food relations
  • Affinities/resistances
  • Solidarities/exploitations
  • Film Studies: documentaries, short films, docufictions, current affairs programmes and migrations
  • The art of travelling, travelling and art, travel literature
  • Mental and physical health: diasporas, migrations and exiles

For more information access SILAS or email:


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