A new edition and translation of Gratian’s Tractatus de Penitentia

The Catholic University of America Press has published in July 2016 Gratians’s Tractatus de Penitentia: a new Latin edition with English translation by Atria A. Larson (Saint Louis Univeristy), the same author of  Master of Penance: Gratian and the development of penitential thought and law in the twelfth century, CUA, 2014.

According to Rob Meens (U. of Utrecht) “The Decretum written by Gratian is certainly one of the most influential texts written during the Middle Ages”. Our understanding of it has recently been revolutionized by the works of Anders Winroth and Atria Larson. This fresh translation of a unique part of the Decretum provides a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into the exciting twelfth-century intellectual developments in the fields that we now distinguish as theology and law, but which were at the time very much related”.




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