Brathair Journal – Call for the next edition

BRATHAIR is a biannual peer-reviewed interdisciplinary open journal on Celtic and Germanic Studies. It accepts contributions in the fields of History, Philosophy, Philology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Literature and Linguistics in all the following languages: Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Since BRATHAIR does not have commercial purposes or sponsors, and aims to make academic research available for anyone interested in Celtic and Germanic cultures, it is published at no cost – all papers are pdf files and can be downloaded for free.

2018.1: Dossier: Celtic Studies in Brazil
Organisers: Professor Adriene Baron Tacla (UFF) and Dr Elaine Pereira Farrell (IRC/UCD/ University of Utrecht)
Deadline: 5th November 2017
The Brazilian academy experienced expressive transformations in the last sixteen years, particularly within the humanities. It underwent through a great expansion with the foundation of new universities, courses and research enterprises. The field of Celtic Studies is part of this process. If initially this field was too connected to the individual interests of some researchers, we can now say that its growth is due to the increase in scientific research, especially in the fields of history, archaeology and languages within the Brazilian universities. It is also explained by the transformations this field underwent in the international scenario. Today, we no longer believe in the models which proposed a single “Celtic society” throughout the entirety of Europe, therefore, new interpretations are being put forward. Consequently, in this moment in which the field of Celtic Studies is being redefined in the international academic scenario, and that new paradigms are proposed, we are proposing a review of this field in Brazil. We invite, therefore, contributions that reflect upon the history of the field of Celtic Studies in Brazil and in the world, and/or that approach the new perspectives of research in this field.



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